Ancient Passion Flower Benefits

passionflower remedy

Passion flower benefits were not expressly known to Hildegard of Bingen, however the plant’s effects as a sleep remedy, particularly in combination with other herbs such as valerian, hops, or melissa have been established in Traditional German folk and monastic medicine for decades. Expansive History of passion flower benefits Over 350 species of passion flower (Passiflora…

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10 Tips How to Sleep Better

how to sleep better

Hildegard recognized the importance of purposefully inviting healthy sleep. She believed that a good mood and positive thoughts prior to sleep would lend to positive dreams and increase the potential for prophecy and visions. Conversely, ignoring the requisite balance throughout the day or harboring negative thoughts prior to sleep results in restless sleep and nightmares, which she believed to be unresolved conflict or needs.
Turns out her sleep secrets have stood the test of time.

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