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Rose Hip Remedies

rose hip remedies

Hildegard of Bingen recommended rose hip in winter to treat bronchial conditions and inflammation in the lungs.  She also thought rose hips effective for stomach ailments, such as ulcers related to stress and nervous tension. The other famous German naturopath and priest, Sebastian Kneipp swore by rose hips for addressing kidney and bladder issues. Hildegard’s…

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7 Yarrow health benefits

Yarrow has several health benefits including topical and internal use. In this post we introduce Hildegard’s yarrow applications. Hildegard’s views on Yarrow Applications “After cleaning the wound, simmer yarrow in warm water, once the yarrow has had time to simmer, drain the water, and apply the warm yarrow with a bandage to the wound. The warm moist…

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Healthy Alternative to Coffee

a healthy alternative to coffee

If you’re contemplating a break from caffeine, for health reasons or for a cleanse, there is a healthy alternative to coffee, it is called spelt coffee.

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Discovery of Midlife Awakening

midlife awakening

Do you think it is it too late to change? Consider Hildegard. It was only a midlife awakening for her because she lived so long for those times. Knowing the deep spring is there but not having the faith to find it is part of the dissonance we feel.

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Hildegard’s Midlife Transition

midlife transition

Hildegard of Bingen experienced a profound spiritual transformation in her early 40s.  In hindsight, the experience resembled that of a yogini’s kundalini awakening process or Jung’s version of individuation. Hildegard’s midlife transition, and her process of approaching wholeness and integration, resulted in the most creative period in her life. Like Hildegard, we hope to nurture a creative self, bringing together both conscious and unconscious.  Ideally,…

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Hildegard’s 9 Herbs for Painful Menses

painful menses

According to Hildegard of Bingen medicine, most ailments can be addressed using some combination of diet, herbs and spices.  Though many of her cures are preventative, or slow-working by nature, Hildegard had several herbal remedies to address painful menses.  Many of Hildegard’s herbs may be taken in the form of a soothing tea to resolve…

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Hildegard’s 4 Teas to Reduce Cramps

Reduce Cramps

Hildegard relied on herbs and spices to preserve good health and resolve discomfort.  Here is a list of 4 teas from Hildegard of Bingen medicine to improve menstrual discomfort and reduce cramps. (1) Menstrual Tea Blend to Reduce Cramps and Abdominal Pain This menstrual tea blend works to reduce cramps, abdominal pain, and sensitive breasts.…

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Monastic Medicine

Monastic Medicine

Remove financial motivation in medicine, and you’re left with something closer to altruism. Monastic medicine, developed by monks and nuns, was borne from the motivation to help people, not to create repeat business.

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Recipe for Grilled Peaches and Ginger

Recipe for Grilled Peaches

In Colorado we wait anxiously for Palisade peaches to ripen and become available in mid-August.  It’s a special time of year, particularly for residents of a state with limited agricultural output.  In anticipation and celebration of peach season, here’s a different way to serve your peaches with a twist of ginger that would surely please Hildegard of…

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Spelt Breakfast Habermus

spelt breakfast habermus

If Hildegard had a single food group, it would be dinkel wheat or spelt.  In fact, her successor, Dr. Gottfried Hertzka said that “if I ever would get cancer, I would retire with a bag of spelt and a little bag of salt on a remote mountain in the Bavarian Alps and live only by spelt and water.…

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