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Our mission at Healthy Hildegard is to become a deep resource for physical and spiritual wellness, offering a holistic approach to wellness, which is worthy of our namesake, Hildegard of Bingen.

Within the Healthy Hildegard community you will find curated information, resources, practices, and stories drawn from a variety of sources both old and new. We love hearing from our community, and welcome any new contributions.

What you will not find are instructions on how you should live or what defines living right or good. Healthy Hildegard does not seek to administer an ideology, but rather to build and sustain an organic community in which diverse ideas and practices converge under our unifying principles of personal growth and wellness.

Our purpose is simple: we intend to guide you through a holistic approach to ancient wisdom, long forgotten ways of living, and modern practical applications to enrich the quality of your daily life.

A Holistic Approach

We created Healthy Hildegard to foster a holistic approach to personal growth. We seek out ways – ancient and modern – to build strength, maintain balance, and kindle contentment of body and spirit.

Whether you are deeply committed to living the ways championed by Hildegard of Bingen, passionate about nutrition, natural healing, or wellness. Or, if you’re just starting to explore a holistic approach to improve your life, Healthy Hildegard is for you.

Healthy Hildegard is more than just a blog; it is fertile ground to cultivate ideas, wisdom and experience for the betterment of our lives. We nurture these things so that you can take root.

It is our belief that you are the seed. Your potential, your purpose, your vitality is already within you. You define what growth means to you, so while we are passionate about the benefits of the ancient wisdom and modern adaptations of traditional German herbal medicine and European herbal remedies, the breadth of our convent reflects a continuum of beliefs and lifestyles.

You can search for your specific areas of interest or just browse our categories for what piques your interest.

A small seedling growing in a stump

A Summary of Our Guiding Principles

We have expertise to share but are not experts on living life. We desire to add value to those who share their time with us, and we will strive to provide you with insight, knowledge, and tools for you to engage upon the path of your choosing.

We embrace a dynamic view of wellness, to honor the interconnection of spirit, mind, and body, and we tend to embrace and advocate for the most simple, elegant solutions from the past and present.

Traditional medicine and modern medicine are not opposites, and modernity or technologies are not the enemy. We can live modern lives while incorporating simple, natural practices derived from ancient techniques and natural substances.

We can extract from the past and leverage the advances of the present to discover products, ways of living, and visibility into our health and wellness that could not exist at any other time in history.

We are passionate about who Hildegard of Bingen was, and we hold her contributions to living well through spirituality, nature, herbal medicine, art, music, and discipline in high regard. After all, we did borrow her name.

About the Team

The founders of Healthy Hildegard were drawn together by a common inspiration: Hildegard of Bingen. Through our desire to synergize our individual efforts to study, refine, and apply the work of Hildegard in our everyday lives, we gave birth to Healthy Hildegard, and our guiding principles as a way to document, share, and collaborate.

We rely on the diversity of our collective experiences as well as our common bonds of family, German heritage, and pastimes to guide us through our pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. From the work of Hildegard and many other ancient traditions and resources, to the latest research in health, nutrition, and lifestyle, we are continually building our own expertise.

As we transition through midlife we embrace this opportunity to awaken our creative selves, just as was done by Hildegard of Bingen.

About Our Namesake: Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen was ahead of her time and was the “first” in many fields, producing major works of theology, music and medicine. Her work helped usher in many new and creative ways of thinking. Her historical impact stems as much from her role in diligently recording the culmination of beliefs and practices over centuries of human experience as it does from her unique thinking. Her body of work touches on virtually every part of our beliefs and practices.

Saint Hildegard remains known as the originator of German alternative medicine. She promoted the prevention of disease and illness by natural means of a moderate and healthy lifestyle and used the curative powers of natural objects for healing.

We appreciate Hildegard today as an extraordinary woman of the Middle Ages who held extremely progressive ideas for her time. Her irrepressible spirit and gifted intellect lifted her above the social, cultural and gender barriers of the time to consult and advise bishops, popes and kings during a period when few women were given respect.

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