Hildegard of Bingen Fasting

Drawn from the archives of ancient wisdom, Hildegard’s healthy fast is not simply the act of refusing to eat, but rather a methodology to enforce discipline using herbs and spices in a daily regimen. Healthy Hildegard revisits tried and true fasting techniques, used for millennia by nuns and monks to renew energy, improve metabolism, enforce moderation, and explore mindfulness.

three levels of hildegard fasting

Hildegard’s Three Healthy Fasts

Hildegard believed that regular fasting should be an integral part of a healthy dietary regimen. In this post we will review the process, purpose, and benefits of three levels of the Hildegard fast.

Hildegard fast

Comments on a Hildegard Fast

The concept of a Hildegard fast is often associated with Causae et Curae, where Hildegard actually makes scant mention any specific fasting regimen. Instead, Causae et Curae focuses on the themes of balance and moderation in all things, including diet.  In fact, Mary Palmquist opens her translation of Causae et Curae (Holistic Healing) with the following…

Principles of Hildegard Fasting

Hildegard’s Fasting Guidelines

Hildegard recommends fasting as a psychotherapeutic panacea for 29 of her 35 subconscious virtues. Her writing promotes fasting as a universal remedy to change consciousness and release healing powers for a new perspective on life.

Cleanse Fasting and health foods

Hildegard’s Guide to Fasting and Health

If you’re looking for a guide to fasting and health, your search will take you back to ancient times. How to increase energy and its renewing properties.