The Sunshine Vitamin

The sunshine vitamin is an appropriate nickname for this unique nutrient, as it is the vitamin that comes from the sun. In fact, it is the only essential vitamin that we can get from a non-food source. There is no other nutrient that binds us so intimately with our environment, so there is much to…

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Health Benefits of Licorice Root

health benefits of licorice root

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is a perennial legume herb native to southern Europe and parts of Asia. You are probably familiar with the flavor of licorice – or liquorice. But what you might not know is that the health benefits of licorice root go back thousands of years. Modern licorice got its name from the Greek…

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11 Naturopathic Remedies for Common Health Problems

best remedies hildegard of bingen

In our ongoing effort to research Hildegard’s various natural remedies, we’ve found the following 11 naturopathic remedies to address common health problems that seem to have stood the test of time. Hildegard of Bingen is widely recognized, in part for her naturopathic remedies, and her significant contributions to holistic health and wellness. Though her findings are almost…

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Food as Medicine: Heal with Food

Food as Medicine 1

The principal of food as the foundation of healing is not unique, and the idea of food as medicine is ancient. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food.”

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Kneipp’s Cold and Warm Water Therapy

cold water treatment

Cold water therapy can be an effective tool in the treatment of medical conditions. The practice of water treatment includes exposure to both cold and warm water, as well as intermittent warm water, hot water, and steam. Applications can vary widely, but generally include one or more components.

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Eight Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

natural ways to treat allergies

Spring brings nicer weather and longer days. Unfortunately, for many people spring also means allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you are probably getting ready for a few months of sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Luckily, there are some natural remedies for seasonal allergies that can give you the allergy relief you are…

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Hildegard’s Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse

Hildegard understood the importance of clearing the way for the body to perform the natural function of detoxification. In her natural history book, Physica (Cap. 109), she describes a natural spring cleanse, consisting of wormwood that aids the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. She describes this cure as follows: “And when wormwood is fresh, pound it and…

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Cold Weather Foods

cold weather foods

We’ve compiled our version of winter food groups with specific cold weather foods to help you roast, stew, sauté, and simmer your way to spring.


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Intestinal Health 101

intestinal health

It makes sense that so much of pre-modern medicine was centered on intestinal health and digestion. During Hildegard of Bingen’s time, the notion of humoral medicine prevailed. Hildegard believed imbalance among the four bodily fluids caused illness and disease. Conversely, she thought when the four humors are in balance, health is maintained. Intestinal health was Hildegard’s priority, and…

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