Vegan Fennel Soup Recipe

Fennel Soup Recipe

This easy fennel soup recipe is a perfect way to liven up your palate with the crisp, fresh flavor of fennel. Served cold, it is a great dish for a summer picnic or to entice spring into your kitchen a bit early, but it can also be a lovely dish for those cold winter nights…

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What is Galangal? Your Guide to the Spice of Life

What is Galanga

Galangal has been used as both a spice and as a medicine since the Middle Ages. We’ll discuss both lesser and greater galangal but our focus is on lesser galangal, which Hildegard included as one of her primary medicinal plants.

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Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Hildegard of Bingen believed Fennel had many benefits, fresh breath being one of them, but she saw fennel as a plant with truly holistic benefits. Hildegard though of a fennel based herbal powder as one of her primary healing foods after surgery and for convalescence and immune building.

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