7 Yarrow health benefits

Yarrow has several health benefits including topical and internal use. In this post we introduce Hildegard’s yarrow applications.

Hildegard’s views on Yarrow Applications

“After cleaning the wound, simmer yarrow in warm water, once the yarrow has had time to simmer, drain the water, and apply the warm yarrow with a bandage to the wound. The warm moist yarrow relieves pain and infection to heal the wound. Repeat this process several times. As the wound starts to heal, remove the bandage and place the cooked/warm yarrow directly on the wound and it heals even faster, without complications. For those who have suffered internal injury, drink yarrow powder in warm water. As the person begins to heal, drink the powder in warm wine to accelerate the cure.”

Hildegard’s 7 Yarrow Applications

  1. Strengthen and heal the respiratory system
  2. Heal the entire digestive tract
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Increase glandular activity
  5. Improve poor kidney function
  6. Purify the blood
  7. Promote circulation.

Strengthening Blood Circulation

By strengthening circulation and improving the blood stream, Hildegard recommended yarrow to protect against the development of varicose veins.

yarrow application

Yarrow’s effect in promoting blood circulation is particularly noticeable in the abdominal area, making yarrow all the more relevant for women suffering from abdominal cramps. For the same reason, yarrow is often used for lower back pain, specifically in the area of the sacrum.

Invasive Operations

Yarrow is beneficial if taken 3 days before invasive operation. Yarrow can also take yarrow after surgery, both orally and as topically to advance the healing of wounds without infection. Also, consider Hildegard’s healing fennel powder after surgery. Hildegard thought of yarrow as especially useful after cancer surgeries to heal wounds and in preventing metastases.

For invasive operations with potential for internal bleeding, Hildegard recommended yarrow to prevent complications such as hemorrhage, thrombosis, or other internal bleeding disorders.

The Bitter Pill

The folklore of German mysticism idealizes yarrow’s love of truth, even when it’s bitter. On the outside it looks good natured, humble and friendly, but inside, it’s often more bitter than it looks. When you reveal the inside, you realize a bitter, tart taste.  But Hildegard loved the benefits of bitter tasting foods.

Yarrow Applications

Yarrow grows easily in a healing herb garden, so give it a try.

More Yarrow Applications

For wounds, injuries, operations – internally and externally.  Also, see our post on yarrow plant uses for general information on the plant and its medicinal uses.

External use: as a gauze wrap or compress.

Internal use: 2 teaspoons in 1 cup of warm water (or Yarrow tea) 3 days before and 10 days after surgery.

Tip: Use gauze wrapped with verbena (vervain) to treat inflammation.

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