Viriditas Prayer

Viriditas, gift of God

Life breath

Health, wholeness and holiness

Emerald vitality,

Sparkling water

Damp stone

Ventilating wind

Fiery glow

Igniting the world into being

Illuminating all creatures,

Giving them color and vigor.

Root of growth

Proliferation of spring

Making grasses laugh

Plants sprout

And flowers blossom.

Joy of youthfulness

Zest of the aging

Energy of the heart loving

And the imagination creating

Fragrance of a life lived with compassion and justice

Green sap of the tree of life, drenched in the sun

Exuberant fountain flowing from the Living Light

Bright power of the Luminous Word born from the greenest branch

Grace and healing tonic of the Holy Spirit

Divine Wisdom’s sweet exhalation.

By Nancy Fierro, Based on the thoughts of Hildegard of Bingen

Dr. Nancy Fierro is a noted pianist, recording artist and educator. Performing nationally and internationally, she is a specialist in the life and work of Hildegard and author of the bookHildegard of Bingen and her Vision of the Feminine”.

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