Violet Cream and its Topical Powers

The Topical Powers of Hildegard’s Violet Cream

Violet has a long history of dietary and topical treatments. Early European recipes used the syrup of violet blossoms for a variety of uses, including as a laxative, for infants and children.  Violet cream has been used since antiquity to protect and heal the skin.

Violet contains essential oils rich with antioxidants. These radical scavengers neutralize free radicals, which are constantly produced in our bodies during normal cell metabolism.  Free radicals are also elevated by environmental pollutants, stress, poor nutrition, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Aging and many degenerative diseases are caused and accelerated by free radicals.

Violet Creme 2Among all of the uses of violet, violet oils and cream is one of the oldest and best-known. Hildegard of Bingen described in her book “Physica” the power of violet cream as a remedy for ulcers and headaches. She also promoted its use as a regular source of preventative skin care.

Violet cream serves both protective and healing functions. It helps the skin to preserve the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Pediatricians have confirmed the effectiveness of violet cream against skin diseases in babies and children.  It’s particularly useful in cases of infant eczema, cradle cap, and other dermatoses.

The Federal Drug Administration in Germany has recognized violet cream and violet oil for external use against skin diseases. And, the jury of NHV Theophrastus (a German association for the promotion of nature-friendly ways of healing by Paracelsus) chose violet as the medicinal plant of 2007.

Let the sweetness and gentleness of the air heal you with this wonderful flower.

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