5 Modern Tenets of Traditional German Medicine

As more people seek a holistic approach to wellness, our thinking evolves full-circle to the foundations of healing.  Once thought primitive, ancient traditions, such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Traditional German Herbal Medicine are gaining in popularity.

As awareness increases, these ancient healing practices continue to gain credibility.  Germany’s oldest tradition, Klosterheilkunde continues to impress modern scientists.

The positive momentum in natural heath and wellness include the following tenets of Traditional German Medicine.

5 Modern Tenets of Traditional German Medicine

  1. Resurgence in consumer awareness and demand for natural and alternative remedies.
  2. Increasing focus on individualized health in both assessment and outcomes.
  3. Increasing mainstream research into herbs and botanicals in preventative and restorative health.
  4. Increasing transparency through shared knowledge and accessibility of information.
  5. Personal empowerment through lifestyle design and natural alternatives that replace the pattern of symptomatic relief with systemic, holistic health.

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