Physica – Nature's Healing Power

Hildegard of Bingen wrote Physica during the period 1150 to 1158. For those of us interested in Hildegard of Bingen medicine, or German holistic health and wellness in general, Physica and Causae et Curae are valuable primary resources.

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Kneipp’s Cold and Warm Water Therapy

cold water treatment

Cold water therapy can be an effective tool in the treatment of medical conditions. The practice of water treatment includes exposure to both cold and warm water, as well as intermittent warm water, hot water, and steam. Applications can vary widely, but generally include one or more components.

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Causae et Curae

causa et curae

In 1151, Hildegard completed her first visionary work, Scivias (“Know the Ways”). Around the same time, she started work on her practical guides to nature and healing, originally called “Liber subtilitatum diversarum naturarum creaturarum” (the “Book of the Subtleties of the Diverse Nature of Creatures”). This tome was later broken into two volumes now known…

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Holistic Healing: Six Steps to Holistic Health

Holistic Healing

Your health and wellness is about much more than just the condition of your body. Take your health into your own hands with a holistic approach to your life. We will show you the wisdom behind holistic healing, why we need it, and how to incorporate holistic healing into our daily lives. What is Holistic…

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7 Tips to Reduce Swelling in Legs

reduce swelling in legs

Water retention is a common problem associated with pregnancy, diabetes, menstruation, periods of prolonged heat, and inactivity due to injury or illness. Water retention (edema) often manifests in the legs. Discomfort and occasional pain from swollen feet or legs most often arises after period of prolonged sitting or bed-rest. Tips to Reduce Swelling in Legs…

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7 Ways to Heal Hemorrhoids Naturally

heal hemmorhoids

These herbal remedies are best in combination with a cooling bath. Generally, one shouldn’t take warm (or hot) baths for the treatment of hemorrhoids, as this tends to worsen the condition. However, baths using herbal remedies can be very helpful to heal hemorrhoids naturally. We recommend using cool water with your herbal bath. Hildegard’s 7…

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