4 Affordable Holistic Healing Practices to Try at Home

A woman walking in the countryside during the golden hour

Interested in holistic healing but not sure where to get started? There’s no shortage of holistic and traditional healing practices to explore, but the abundance of options can be overwhelming to those new to ancient medicine. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of holistic healing practices that are easy and affordable to try on your…

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Holistic Healing: Six Steps to Holistic Health

Holistic Healing

Your health and wellness is about much more than just the condition of your body. Take your health into your own hands with a holistic approach to your life. We will show you the wisdom behind holistic healing, why we need it, and how to incorporate holistic healing into our daily lives. What is Holistic…

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Food Activity Rest

Food activity rest

The rhythm of Food Activity Rest predates medieval medical treatments, and yet the concept helps set the foundation for Hildegard’s healing harmony.  We first discovered a modern perspective on Food Activity Rest by reviewing Dr. Matthew Edlund’s work on Circadian Medicine. The value of Dr. Edlund’s mnemonic FAR has far-reaching health benefits.  In its most basic form, it has helped…

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What is Slow Food? Tips for Slow Food Success

Slow Food success

What is slow food? The Slow Food Movement is a social movement in response to our rapidly changing lifestyles. Specifically, the spread of fast-food. As a result of fast-food and processed food taking over the culture, many valuable aspects of our relationship with food have been lost. Slow food is an opposition movement to slow…

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