Willow bark or Aspirin? – An herbal pain reliever

Willow Bark

Willow bark serves as an herbal pain reliever, known and appreciated for thousands of years. Use of willow bark appears in traditional German medicine and naturopathy as a painkiller to address discomfort associated with rheumatism, knee and hip arthrosis, and back pain.  In addition, willow bark acts as a headache natural remedy and moderates the…

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Headache Natural Remedies

Headache natural remedies address different types of headaches in different ways.  Consider the right herbal remedy for unique headache symptoms, while recognizing limitations.  In some cases, a simple remedy like peppermint oil may beat painkillers for treating certain types of headache symptoms. The many forms of headache Headaches show up in many different forms.  Whether it…

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Spignel (Meum athamanticum), a Forgotten Medicinal Plant

Spignel Meum Athamanticum plant

Spignel is an old medicinal plant largely forgotten today. There hardly exists any clear reference to spignal in most herbal books of this century. Despite scant recognition today, the history of spignel root includes active appreciation by ancient physicians.  Records of meum athamanticum include recommendations for treating urinary disorders, stomach complaints, joint complaints, and mild…

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Marigold (Calendula) flower uses, a proven medicinal plant

marigold calendula flower uses

Any medieval garden would have been incomplete without the marigold (Calendula) flower. Similarly, traditional farmers recognized the benefits of having these bright, orange-yellow flowers present in a garden. Like a loyal friend, the marigold flower (Calendula officinalis) grow in an uncomplicated manner, promoting the health of their surroundings. The Calendula flower normally bloom from June until…

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Health Benefits of Peppermint

benefits peppermint

Peppermint (mentha piperita) is a hybrid of watermint (mentha hirsute) and spearmint (mentha spicata). All three plants are native to Europe and the Middle East. They are, however, widely cultivated throughout the world. They are all part of the mint (lamicaceae) family of plants. The mint family includes numerous flowering varieties that have a long…

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11 Naturopathic Remedies for Common Health Problems

best remedies hildegard of bingen

In our ongoing effort to research Hildegard’s various natural remedies, we’ve found the following 11 naturopathic remedies to address common health problems that seem to have stood the test of time. Hildegard of Bingen is widely recognized, in part for her naturopathic remedies, and her significant contributions to holistic health and wellness. Though her findings are almost…

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3 Natural Cold Remedies

natural cold remedies

By any measure, Saint Hildegard of Bingen left an indelible mark on the history of the middle ages. Much of her life’s creative, theological, and philosophical work was groundbreaking for the epoch. Yet she also was a steadfast practitioner of healing and medieval medical treatments. It was her unique union of creativity, theology, and scientific…

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18 Bitter Healing Plants and Herbs

18 bitter healing plants

These healing plants contain bitter substances that are an important part of their overall healing composition. Bitter substances work to stimulate the liver’s metabolic function to restore your body’s powerful detoxifying organ.

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Cowslip Primrose for Colds and Depression

Cowslip Primrose

Cowslip primrose (Primula veris) is a variable evergreen or semi-evergreen perennial native to Europe and west Asia. The cowslip primrose grows on open meadows, coastal dunes, and cliff-tops. The deep yellow flowers are produced in spring (veris in Latin means “spring”) blooming in clusters of 10-30 blooms. Rarely, the blooms can also be red and…

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Hildegard’s History of Arnica

History of Arnica

The history of Arnica (Arnica Montana) harkens back the early 16th century, as a popular German folk remedy. It was used to treat blunt injuries, bruising, inflammation, and skin lesions. Even the Shakespeare of Germany, Goethe, appreciated the benefits of Arnica. It is said that he regularly brewed Arnica tea to help recover from a…

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Hildegard’s Duckweed Drink in Autumn

Duckweed drink

As the cold season approaches, Hildegard would recommend that we prepare our immune system for the icy months ahead, by using her duckweed drink. Her idea of appropriate preparation for winter meant cleansing the body and ensuring the proper balance and function of our juices. Duckweed Drink to Balance Bodily Juices The balance of our four…

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