Ancient Nutritional Treatment

nutritional treatment

Hildegard of Bingen’s Viriditas, or “life force”, lies at the heart of her nutritional treatment therapy. Food provides each organism with fundamental energy and healing power. Proper nutrition can prevent the need for pills later on.

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Cold Weather Foods

cold weather foods

We’ve compiled our version of winter food groups with specific cold weather foods to help you roast, stew, sauté, and simmer your way to spring.


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What is Fermentation?

fermentation for health

What is fermentation? To answer that, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the amazing process of fermentation. Learn about the health benefits of fermentation
and find 8 healthy fermented foods you can enjoy today.

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What Foods are Bitter?

What foods are bitter

The trend toward avoiding bitter tasting foods in favor of mild, savory and sweet flavors has wider implications.  Many of us suffer from digestive weakness, heartburn, bloating, and metabolic conditions.

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Hildegard’s Medieval Diet

Medieval Diet

Even today, thousands choose to follow Hildegard Health for nutrition. In Germany, her influence has shaped the way many people think about food and its healing properties.

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