Sugar and Health. What to Know About Sugar

Is sugar bad for you

Today, our dependence on sugar leads to obvious outcomes, like obesity. But sugar also contributes to deeper health problems.  In the western world, refined sugar finds its way into almost every meal. Whether added to our coffee or tea, included in our breads, cookies, and cakes, or simply consumed directly, in the form of snacks,…

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Buckwheat Benefits Nutrition

Health Benefits of Buckwheat 1

  Buckwheat used to be known as a peasant’s meal. It met the basic requirement of filling the stomach, while being easy to grow and full of valuable nutrients. Buckwheat arrived in Europe as a cereal plant by way of introduction from the Mongolians in the 14th century. Today, it shows-up around the world as…

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Spelt Semolina Cake

Spelt Semolina Cake Recipe

Spelt is a versatile ancient grain, which has become increasingly widespread in recent years. You can find out more about Hildegard’s views on spelt in our article 8 Soundbites on Spelt. Spelt Semolina Coffee Cake In our series of spelt recipes we introduce baked spelt semolina cake, a simple recipe using spelt semolina.  You can…

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Food as Medicine: Heal with Food

Food as Medicine 1

The principal of food as the foundation of healing is not unique, and the idea of food as medicine is ancient. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food.”

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Ancient Nutritional Treatment

nutritional treatment

Hildegard of Bingen’s Viriditas, or “life force”, lies at the heart of her nutritional treatment therapy. Food provides each organism with fundamental energy and healing power. Proper nutrition can prevent the need for pills later on.

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Hildegard’s 7 Health Benefits of Beer

health benefits of beer

Every autumn, a meadow near the city center of Munich transforms into the world’s largest beer and folk festival or Volksfest. Known as Oktoberfest, the 16-day celebration is referred to by many locals as Wiesn, short for Theresienwiese, or Theresa’s Meadow, named for the place where King Ludwig I wed Princess Therese in 1820. This is…

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