A Guide To Natural Bitters

Ginger root

Healthy bitters have been used as a supplemental health aide for centuries. In 1098, Hildegard of Bingen was born. Among her many contributions, Hildegard was a healer and spiritual mystic credited with developing a nutritional philosophy, including the use and benefits of bitter herbs. In the 1800s, bitters were considered cure-all elixirs that could benefit…

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10 Benefits of Digestive Bitters

digestive bitters

At Healthy Hildegard, we are big advocates of the use of healthy bitters for digestive health. And, while Hildegard’s teachings encompass a variety of herbal remedies, fasting techniques, spiritual beliefs, and more, we find her interest in bitters among the most relevant nutrition contributions for our times today.

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Why a Detox with Bitters is Faster And More Effective

Detox with Bitter Substances

The detox season arrives right after the party season. Many of us choose January as a time to clean-up, replace the champagne glass with a glass of water, and try to eat as healthy as possible. With the recent popularity of detoxing, several companies have developed new products and strategies to help cleanse our livers,…

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Pink Grapefruit Smoothie Recipe

Pink Grapefruit Smoothie

Bitter flavors are fundamental for health and digestion. This delicious bitter-fruit smoothie is ideal as a snack between meals. It refreshes, revitalizes, rehydrates, and it’s full of nutrients.  Recipe for 3-4 glasses  700 ml freshly pressed grapefruit juice (6-7 Pink Grapefruits)  1 lime, juice  150g soy yogurt (alternatively almond yogurt or coconut yogurt) 1-2 teaspoons…

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Bitter Herbs for Appetite Control and Digestion

Digestive bitters and bitter herbs have played an active role in helping to balance appetite since antiquity. But, what does the balance of appetite really mean? And, if bitter herbs also serve to stimulate appetite, why have monks and nuns relied on bitters to support their fasting regimen? The internet is full of lists showing…

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17 Bitter Foods

17 bitter foods

Our post on the benefits of bitter flavors introduces the taste category of bitter and the many reasons why bitterness is an important part of our diet and how bitters can help to control appetite. We have also covered some herbs and foods that contain the various bitter flavors that we can incorporate into our diet and…

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