Hemp (seeds), a Culinary and Medicinal Plant According to Hildegard

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As the decriminalization of cannabis spreads throughout the United States, more sophisticated scientific resources reveal the many health benefits of hemp and hemp seeds.  A longstanding prohibition against industrial or medical use of cannabis contributes to an illusion that we’re just beginning to discover the healing properties of hemp.   In fact, Hildegard of Bingen…

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Meadowsweet Herb, A Natural Painkiller

The name, meadowsweet reflects the herb’s fragrance.  Unlike the offensive aromas of many healing herbs, this unique combination of honey, vanilla, and bitter almond smells appetizing. While, ancient Germanic tribes used the herb to help flavor their honey wine, today we know Meadowsweet offers much more as a medicinal plant.  Like so many of the…

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What is Horehound?


The common Horehound plant, also known as white Horehound, houndsbane, or eye of the star, derives from the mint family, formally known Lamiaceae.  While horehound has a somewhat savory, and noticeably bitter flavor, it remains a close relative of another Hildegard medicine favorite, peppermint.  The horehound plant originally hails from the Mediterranean, but naturalized long…

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Healing Plants: Hildegard’s 7 Plants that Heal

hildegards healing plants

There’s an herb for that! You can use healing plants and herbs to treat virtually every ailment. While we have yet to discover all potential uses of medicinal plants and herbs, there is a long and storied history of healing plants that has left us with extensive practical knowledge of thousands of medicinal plants. Revival of…

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Comfrey uses for Muscles and Bones


Comfrey- a topical solution to accelerate the healing process for inflammation, broken bones, bruising, muscle and joint pain, and skin conditions. Learn all about Comfrey here!

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