Spelt Flour Recipes: Enjoy the Benefits of Spelt

spelt flour recipes

Whether you are looking for ways to reduce or replace your wheat flour intake, or you are just looking for new grains to liven-up your kitchen, these spelt flour recipes are a great step toward a diet focused on holistic health and wellness.

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Healthy Alternative to Coffee

a healthy alternative to coffee

If you’re contemplating a break from caffeine, for health reasons or for a cleanse, there is a healthy alternative to coffee, it is called spelt coffee.

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A look at Hildegard and Spelt

Hildegard von Bingen and Benefits of Spelt

For centuries before the advent of modern medicine, healing practices were not confined to curing existing diseases and ailments. Pre-modern medicine practitioners, such as Hildegard of Bingen focused on prophylaxis and preventive measures to address ailments before they developed. Diet and nutrition for the healthy and sick alike plays a central role in monastic medicine. …

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Hildegard's Spelt Bread Recipe

spelt flour bread recipe

This spelt flour bread recipe has been around since antiquity. After experiencing the hearty density of good German bread, it makes sense that bread alone might actually satisfy an evening meal.

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Spelt Coffee

spelt coffee

First, we’ll look at different ways to roast spelt. After our spelt is roasted, we’ll look at some different ways to prepare a cup of spelt coffee.

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Spelt Coffee Cake

spelt cake

This delicious variation of spelt coffee cake comes straight from Germany. It’s easy to make and includes a couple of healthy twists to traditional coffee cake that make it a bit healthier without compromising that familiar melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon flavor of coffee cake. Because we are using spelt flour, which is whole-grain, we get the benefit…

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Spelt Cookies (Vegan)

spelt cookies recipe

Made with whole grain spelt flour and a vegetable-based butter alternative. These quick and easy cookies contain no egg or dairy and are great for those who may have sensitivity to gluten.

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Spelt Salad

spelt salad kale

This recipe for traditional Hildegard spelt salad, or Dinkelkopfsalat is a delicious way to incorporate the meaty texture of spelt with many varieties of healthy greens.

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Is Spelt Gluten Free?

is spelt gluten free

We often hear the question: “is spelt gluten free?” Although the answer to that question is “no,” we’ve found that spelt represents a reasonable alternative for those with grain sensitivities.

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