A Guide To Natural Bitters

Ginger root

Healthy bitters have been used as a supplemental health aide for centuries. In 1098, Hildegard of Bingen was born. Among her many contributions, Hildegard was a healer and spiritual mystic credited with developing a nutritional philosophy, including the use and benefits of bitter herbs. In the 1800s, bitters were considered cure-all elixirs that could benefit…

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10 Benefits of Digestive Bitters

digestive bitters

At Healthy Hildegard, we are big advocates of the use of healthy bitters for digestive health. And, while Hildegard’s teachings encompass a variety of herbal remedies, fasting techniques, spiritual beliefs, and more, we find her interest in bitters among the most relevant nutrition contributions for our times today.

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How to Stop Sugar Cravings with Bitter Substances

Sugar Cravings

Using Bitters and Bitter Foods to Stem Sugar Cravings We often hear the question “why do I crave sugar?” Sugar cravings are a common occurrence for most people, and when most people experience them, they tend to succumb to their cravings. But is there a way to avoid sugar cravings all together?

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