Hildegard’s Spring Cleanse (the May Cure)

As Spring enters full swing our Winter retreat indoors comes to an end. Fortunately, the sun lures us back into nature. And, along with increased movement, like hiking, cycling, walking, or dynamic meditation in nature, we reawaken our metabolic functions.  The process of purification begins all over again.

Dried Wormwood[/caption]

Metabolic waste stored in our tissues over the winter months escapes through rapid blood flow. Along the path to exit, these toxins encounter our excretory organs, above all the liver. During this period of renewal, more than ever our bodies benefit from the support of healing plants and herbs. Above all, Hildegard von Bingen designated wormwood benefits to cleanse internal organs, such as the liver (our metabolic workhorse), the kidneys, the gall bladder, and the spleen.

Wormwood spring may cure Hildegard of Bingen


Wormwood the Master of Exhaustion

Wormwood’s formal classification falls in the Artemisia family. Hildegard thought of this medicinal herb as a master of exhaustion. Specifically, as our metabolism transitions along with the seasons from Winter to Summer, exhaustion and fatigue commonly arise.  In some cases, this seasonal shift even results in challenges falling asleep, or sleeping through the night. 

Wormwood, and more specifically Hildegard’s wormwood wine, which practitioners of Hildegard medicine incorporate as a part of her Spring Cleanse offers a completely natural alternative to support organs and strengthen the immune system, during this seasonal shift. 

Wormwood for Spring through Summer

Hildegard prescribed some form of wormwood during the months of May though October to help stimulate secretion among internal organs.  The purpose of incorporating wormwood results in a natural cleanse, preparing for the burden of getting through Winter months. Positive collateral effects, include improved cholesterol levels, and  shedding excess weight.

Realigning health for flu season 

Hildegard’s Spring Cleanse (or, May Cure) helps to rebuild our immune defense during the period from May to October. The process strengthens the immune system while cleansing internal organs. The curative use of the Spring Cure and wormwood herb wine also contributes to natural flu protection, before the flu season. 

For more information on Hildegard’s wormwood herb wine and the May Cure, take a look at our Spring Cleanse post.