Spelt: Whole Grain Bread of the Year

spelt bread

October 16th is international World Bread Day. In recognition of this occasion, the German Bread Institute has designated spelt whole grain bread as the bread of 2018.

The German Bread Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board selected spelt whole grain bread, “because spelt has been a triumphant success in Germany, since its humble origins in the Swabian Alps to its now ubiquitous presence in German bakeries nationwide, it satisfies through flavor and nutritionally.”

Spelt is an ancient grain that has been around some 8000 years. In the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen  recommended spelt as “the best cereal grain” and attributed to it a variety of positive health effects. After a decline in cultivation in the 20th century, recent years have seen a sharp rise in consumer demand, spawning resurgence in the tradition of spelt whole grain bread and cereals.

The German Bread Institute selected spelt whole meal bread out of the approximately 3,200 bread specialties within its German bread register. Spelt whole grain bread combines tradition and modernity in a delicious and nutritious food.

Try spelt bread at home with a Hildegard-inspired recipe.