Cracked Spelt


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Cracked spelt makes a wonderful, mildly sweet and nutty breakfast meal that offers an alternative to wheat for mild gluten sensitivities.  Modern harvesting techniques have resolved many of the challenges related to threshing Spelt, which naturally has a tough outer shell or hull. A tough hull leaves Spelt naturally better protected against insects and pollutants and allows it to retain nutrients long after harvest.

To prepare, combine one cup of boiling water with one cup of cracked spelt and simmer for 10-20 minutes.



Organic & Non-GMO

Organic and Non-GMO certified Spelt, carefully sourced and packaged to standards inspired by the patron Saint of Spelt, Hildegard von Bingen.

Ancient Grain

Modern cultivation and genetic modifications to wheat seeds have made gluten more prominent in many of the foods we eat. Spelt retains its original integrity.


The gluten in Spelt is more fragile and water-soluble than that of wheat. The different gluten structure makes Spelt a reasonable alternative for people with mild gluten sensitivity.


The water-soluble plant-polysaccharides in spelt serve as immune-stimulants. These properties help prevent viruses from successfully attacking healthy cells.


Spelt lightens the mood and encourages a relaxed state, due to high phenylalanine and tryptophan content. These amino acids promote contentment.