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  • control weight

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  • reduce inflammation

  • improve brain health

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Improved Metabolism

In the course of a fast, metabolic processes gain momentum. As the body has more energy available, motivation increases and chronic ailments are alleviated.

Renewed Energy

An effective fast redirects this energy to other useful concerns, such as the elimination of toxins and healing.


The process of eliminating toxins and metabolic waste helps to strengthen the immune system and mobilize our innate powers of self-healing.

Detox and Cleanse

Fasting creates the space for our bodies to perform their own natural cleansing process, eliminating longstanding waste and toxins.

Periodic Deconstruction

A fasting regimen following Hildegard of Bingen’s teachings helps correct your internal compass to arrive at your own personal "golden mean."

Finding Balance

Improve your physical health, overcome conditions related to anxiety, worry, conflict, stress, and external pressures.

Discover Centuries-Old Techniques For Gentle Fasting with Our Proven Guide of Hildegard of Bingen’s Fasting Methods

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