Feeling Exhausted? Why Holistic Healing Might Help You Find Your Feet

For many of us, feeling exhausted is simply a fact of life. Between grueling work hours, long commutes, and the stresses of modern life biting at our heels, fatigue can be a constant state.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of relying on energy drinks and coffee to keep you going through the day, holistic healing offers a healthier, more wholesome alternative.

If you’re feeling exhausted and you want a natural, sustainable remedy, read on to learn why holistic healing might help you find your feet.

What is Holistic Healing?

As the name suggests, holistic healing is a type of healing that encompasses the individual as a whole. This includes the body and the mind, but also a person’s spirit and emotions too. The approach emphasizes the reliance of each separate component on the other — they form a whole, and the absence of one impacts the balance of another.

balance holistic health
Balance is the key to holistic healing

Holistic healing promises to restore a person’s health by reaching a balance between all these elements. This is achieved in a wide variety of ways.

For instance, a mainstream healthcare professional might prescribe medicine for back pain. But a holistic doctor might look to other aspects of the patient’s life, such as dietary habits, sleeping patterns, or emotional conflicts with friends or family.

Holistic healing underpins several ancient healing traditions. These include:

This latter tradition was pioneered by our namesake, Hildegard of Bingen, and is still practiced in Europe today. Each offers a variety of ways to treat the body holistically, relying on herbs, massages, diets, and other elements to restore internal balance.

How Can Holistic Healing Help With Exhaustion?

Exhaustion affects many of us. The pressures of the rat race, combined with juggling family commitments and maintaining a social life, lead many to stretch themselves too far. As a result, we’re often exhausted when we go to bed and exhausted when we get up too.

But holistic healing can restore our body to its natural energy levels and give you a much-needed boost. Here are just a few ways holistic healing can help you find your feet.

Follow Careful Dietary and Nutritional Habits

Diet is a huge factor in determining our body’s energy levels. What we put inside ourselves affects our body’s natural chemistry, and a poor diet leads to poor internal balance.

Eschewing junk food is an obvious solution to this. Artificial, processed foods alter our body’s state , giving us a brief spike in energy followed by a deep slump of fatigue.

Instead, opt for natural, earthy foods. Nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables offer a wealth of holistic healing benefits. Beans, fennel, apples, blackberries and spelt are just a few examples of beneficial foods for fatigue.

Wholesome foods like these are some of the few staples in our diets that haven’t changed since the dawn of man — and with good reason.

purple petaled flowers in a mortar and pestle

Herbs too are a good addition to your diet. Ginseng, in particular, is effective at helping our bodies fight fatigue. Drink a strong cup of ginseng tea in the morning for a natural energy boost to get you through the day.

Embrace Physical Movement

The world is a hectic place, especially in the West. The pace of city life can gradually wear our spirit down, leaving us exhausted. So take some time to reconnect to your spirit.

This can be achieved through physical exercises and therapies. Exercise is one example of this, helping your body to induce relaxation and find a natural soothing rhythm.

But alternative treatments such as massage or other physical therapies are also effective. They encourage your body to heal itself, rather than relying on introducing artificial elements into the body.

Take Some Time to Look Inward

The physical therapies outlined above are great for restoring body and spirit. But smaller actions are just as effective at boosting energy levels too.

Simple self-regulatory exercises such as mindfulness exercises or deliberate breathing are perfect for regaining balance when you’re feeling fatigued. They restore the spirit by connecting you with your body on a physical level, finding the natural rhythm within.

Beyond these physical therapies, simple actions such as focusing on positive messages and spending time with loved ones buoy your spirit. They boost your mood, revitalizing your spirit and naturally uplifting your energy levels.

When the absence of one element of the individual impacts the whole, positive actions like these go a long way towards restoring balance within.

Feeling constantly exhausted doesn’t have to be a permanent state. Nor do you have to rely on caffeine and splashes of cold water on the face to keep you going. Holistic healing offers an ancient and sustainable way to keep you feeling fresh and alert.

Hollie Jones is a lifestyle blogger who lives for writing. She’s worked with some of the biggest and most responsible brands in the world, making her ideally positioned to offer lifestyle support and advice. You can read her latest blog posts on Hollie and the Ivy, where she shares tips and advice about arts and crafts, interior design, and healthy living and fitness.

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