Hildegard Feast Day at The Guest House in Carbondale

In planning for our upcoming Hildegard Feast Day event and workshop at The Guest House in Carbondale, CO, we spent time getting to know Seth O’Donovan, the founder and proprietor of The Guest House.  In fact, we’d had several opportunities to discuss the event with Seth via telephone and by e-mail.  

From the very beginning Seth impressed upon us the inspiration she had found in Hildegard of Bingen  Like so many of our stories of creative midlife awakening, Seth’s connection to Hildegard resonated.  Like Hildegard, we could understand the positive momentum and energy Seth derived from creativity.  With that background, it made sense that Seth could accomplish so much in such a short period of time.

Seth’s Spin through the Kitchen

Over the course of the last 7 years, Seth evolved into a first-class culinary entrepreneur.  Like a whirlwind of energy, she sought the best exposure, and absorbed everything from some of the finest American restaurants. From Napa’s French Laundry, to Boulder’s Frasca Food and Wine, to one of Denver’s latest gourmet spots, The Populist, Seth observed and contributed.  In a little over 7 years, Seth transformed herself into a hospitality maven, with all of the connections and motivation to make a difference.

Hildegard of Bingen Feast Day The Guest House

Seth O’Donovan, The Guest House

With that background, and Seth’s connection to Hildegard, we immediately thought to include our friend, Michael Conti.  Michael is the creator and director of the most recent documentary film about Hildegard, The Unruly Mystic.  Here’s where the story started to get even more real for us.  Upon introduction, Seth immediately invited Michael to join her podcast in Carbondale.  

The Plan to Celebrate Hildegard 

Shortly after their podcast, Michael reported back to me, saying that we’d met a modern version of Hildegard.  Michael described Seth’s energy and persona, her fearless approach to living, and everything she had accomplished and planned to complete at The Guest House.  We were sold.  

My First Meeting with Seth

We had to meet this woman ourselves, and we had to get a better understanding of what The Guest House was all about.  I scheduled a trip with my family to visit Carbondale.  

As we arrived at our Hotel in Aspen, The Aspen Meadows, home of the Aspen Institute.  Surprisingly, at the Aspen Meadows, a think tank for contemporary progressive thinking, I was immediately introduced to Seth O’Donovan via glossy magazine, the Aspen Sojourner.

Hildegard of Bingen Feast Day The Guest House Colorado

Dinner at The Guest House

In some form of synchronicity, as soon as I sat down on the couch in our hotel room, I flipped open the Aspen Sojourner to a full-page picture of Seth O’Donovan.  There it was, a highly complementary article of what Seth had accomplished in Carbondale via The Guest House.  The article revealed Aspen and Carbondale’s good fortune in having Seth O’Donovan, join the ranks of the Roaring Fork Valley’s culinary scene.

We had to meet this person!  And, we had to see The Guest House for ourselves.  

Join us for a Celebration of Hildegard

Seth does not disappoint.  She is as much an inspiration in-person as in all the articles we’ve read.  Whether through Sunset Magazine or the Aspen local news, Seth is making a splash.  To say she smacks of a modern-day Hildegard would be an understatement. She cooks wonderful meals, fearlessly host inspiring events, tends to her garden daily, and generally treats her guests to life experience.  Seth lives life with vigor and vitality.

Feast Day Hildegard

The Guest House Colorado

I hope you’ll consider joining us at The Guest House for one of several opportunities to celebrate Hildegard’s Feast Day weekend.  You can join us for two nights, including food and workshops, or you can simply join us for dinner and a screening of Michael Conti’s Unruly Mystic. Following the movie, we will host a discussion with the director himself. 

Take a look at The Guest House registration options.

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