Health Benefits: Parsley Wine

Where parsley is concerned, we’re accustomed to seeing and consuming it in small doses.  In terms of health benefits parsley wine packs a concentrated delivery, bringing us closer to Peracelsus’ adage that “the dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.”

Wine, as a remedy, is as old as, well, wine. In fact it may just be the world’s oldest documented man-made medicine. This natural elixir has a storied history of medicinal applications, at one time or another holding claims to cure pretty much anything that ails. Wine is also Biblical (“Wine to gladden the heart of man”), with many positive references in scripture as well as use in the Holy Communion.

Hildegard’s Health Benefits: Parsley Wine

Hildegard of Bingen believed that a moderate intake of wine was part of a healthy life. Among other things, she credited wine with stimulating the circulatory flow. In practice, she thought wine should be “humanized“ by adding at least a drop of pure water, perhaps her way of ceremonial dilution in the name of moderation.

parsley wine

Old wine barrel “Golden wine and a red mouth keep the heart in health”

The medicinal use of wine also included the incorporation of herbs. The alcohol in wine likely proved to be an effective extractant and stabilizer, with the effects of the wine undoubtedly adding to its overall “medicinal” effects.

Parsley Wine for Heart Health and Sleeplessness

One of Hildegard’s best known wine elixirs was Parsley wine. In terms of health benefits, parsley wine is one of a number of excellent wine tonics, well known to those who study Hildegard of Bingen medicine and growing in popularity in the U.S. among people with minor heart conditions and sleeplessness.

“Whoever suffers from pain in the heart, spleen or side, drink this wine often (daily) and it will heal him.”Hildegard of Bingen


The recipe is natural, simple, and versatile. Give it a try!

parsley wine


  • 8 – 10 parsley leaves with stems.
  • Bottle of red or white wine (organic if possible)
  • Two tablespoons wine vinegar
  • ¾ cup honey


Bring wine and parsley leaves to light boil. Add two tablespoons wine vinegar. Boil for five minutes. Add honey (one-third cup or less for diabetics) and return to light boil (around five minutes.) Skim off any foam, strain, and rebottle the wine.

Take one to three tablespoons (or, a small shot glass) daily to relieve heart pain, chest tightness, and other circulatory discomfort caused by weather or excitement. Take a half a cup before bedtime for a good night’s sleep. Parsley wine is useful for pain caused by chronic rheumatic disease, as well as in cases of rehabilitation after heart attacks, and to aid in sleeplessness.

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