Happy Solstice Day!

Out of the darkest day of the year, the sun is reborn, just as it was borne from the darkness in the beginning of time. The winter solstice has recently passed, inviting a new year, a new sun a happy solstice day.

Start Winter With a Happy Solstice Day

The ideas of rebirth, creation, and spiritual fire associated with the winter solstice can be powerful inspiration for us as we look for ways to begin anew. The challenge can be to create a happy solstice day.

Holiday Hangover

The holiday season has likely delivered us into the new year wrapped up in the very things that we hope to escape in the coming year: over-indulgence, stress, lack of exercise, and the volatility of mood that tends to accompany such things.

These outward gatherings and celebrations often challenge us. Not just in the hurried ways of socializing but also in that they do not reflect the energy of the season, an incongruence that may go unnoticed by our conscious minds.

Happy Solstice Day

The Balance of Winter

Winter is a time for reflection, an opportunity to turn inward toward our own divine light and attune to the rhythm of our life to that of the season.

While we can easily fall into the depths of winter with a heavy heart and perhaps a heavier midsection, we can also choose to embrace this time of birth and renewal to kindle our inner fire through introspection, awareness, and awakening of our potential.

Developing Intentions

But even if you aren’t looking to move mountains this coming year, the beginning of winter is a perfect time to for reflection and setting intentions.

Look for our posts on healthy goals and cold weather foods for specific tools and ideas on how to turn your intentions into actions, to keep your heart warm, and keep your body healthy and strong.

Happy Solstice Day

Divine Light

The light will grow longer over the next several months. Why not take this time to grow your own divine light? Prepare yourself for the upcoming Spring Equinox and accompanying Spring Cleanse.

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