Healthy Remedies

Holistic Natural Remedies Influenced By Hildegard of Bingen

“Spirit, life that gives life, moving all things, rooted in all beings; you cleanse all things of impurity, wiping away sins, and anointing wounds, this is radiant, laudable life, awakening and re-awakening every thing that is.” – De Spiritu Sancto (To the Holy Spirit); Hildegard of Bingen

Be it of body, mind, or spirit, this section will guide you through the methods to cleanse the things that do not serve us and to renew and revitalize our minds and bodies. Healthy Remedies is where the ancient wisdom of Hildegard’s teachings on natural healing, nutrition, and lifestyle management intersect with new ideas and practical solutions to the complex challenges of modern living. Continue reading for continuously updated content that encompasses the known teachings of Hildegard’s holistic remedies.

Happy Solstice Day

Happy Solstice Day!

The ideas of rebirth, creation, and spiritual fire associated with the winter solstice can be powerful inspiration for us as we look for ways to begin anew. The challenge can be to create a happy solstice day.

Bertram Akarkara Pellitory

Bertram, Akarkara, or Pellitory

Known as Bertram, Akarkara, or Pellitory, this is likely one of the healthiest and most versatile plants you have never heard of.


Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Hildegard of Bingen believed Fennel had many benefits, fresh breath being one of them, but she saw fennel as a plant with truly holistic benefits. Hildegard though of a fennel based herbal powder as one of her primary healing foods after surgery and for convalescence and immune building.

Violet Creme

Violet Cream and its Topical Powers

Violet cream has been used since antiquity to protect and heal the skin. Violet contains essential oils rich with antioxidants. These radical scavengers neutralize free radicals, which are constantly produced in our bodies during normal cell metabolism.

Parsley Wine

The Virtuous Sweet Violets

The nectar of this sweet and humble flower, this harbinger of spring, offers far more than merely a pleasant fragrance.