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Managing the tensions between modern living and our natural physical dispositions is a challenge. Because of the natural dispositions that your body may have to certain external influences, making it imperative for you to take your nutrition and holistic wellness seriously.

Within the Healthy Nutrition category of our Healthy Hildegard posts, you will find practices and resources to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your body by using the philosophies of Hildegard von Bingen. At Healthy Hildegard, we strive to navigate the different dimensions of our lives with a healthy perspective on weight management and holistic health. Continue reading below to learn more about nutrition inspired by Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

spelt cookies recipe

Spelt Cookies (Vegan)

Made with whole grain spelt flour and a vegetable-based butter alternative. These quick and easy cookies contain no egg or dairy and are great for those who may have sensitivity to gluten.

Soluble Fiber

Psyllium: Health Benefits of Soluble Fiber

“It makes the mood of depressed people happy, and helps bring the brain to good health.”

spelt salad kale

Spelt Salad

This recipe for traditional Hildegard spelt salad, or Dinkelkopfsalat is a delicious way to incorporate the meaty texture of spelt with many varieties of healthy greens.

spelt soup

Spelt Soup with Beef (or Lamb)

Spelt Soup with Beef (or Lamb) When it’s cold outside, a warm meal waiting for you at home is a perfect way to keep winter at bay.  The best part about a slow-cooker meal like beef and spelt soup is that it’s hard to mess-up.  You can give this version a try but there is…

Psyllium for Weight Loss

How to Take Psyllium Husk for Weight Loss

For those who struggle with over-eating, we recommend psyllium husk for weight loss.  Increasing fiber intake by adding small amounts (even a pinch or two) of psyllium can help to create a “full” feeling.

is spelt gluten free

Is Spelt Gluten Free?

We often hear the question: “is spelt gluten free?” Although the answer to that question is “no,” we’ve found that spelt represents a reasonable alternative for those with grain sensitivities.

What is Psyllium Husk

What is Psyllium Husk?

So what is psyllium husk? Psyllium (sill-E-um) is the common name of plants from the plantago genus. There are around 200 species of plantago found throughout the world. Psyllium is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, where its name was derived from Greek words for flea, due to its small, prolific seeds (each plant can produce…

Medieval Diet

Hildegard’s Medieval Diet

Even today, thousands choose to follow Hildegard Health for nutrition. In Germany, her influence has shaped the way many people think about food and its healing properties.