Popped Spelt Chocolate Bars

Popped Spelt Bar Recipe

These popped spelt and chocolate bars serve as a great snack for something sweet with dark chocolate. Hildegard von Bingen considered spelt among the healthiest grains. These spelt bars made from popped spelt, along with fine 70% dark chocolate serve as a special treat. Enjoyed in moderation, these bars are a delicious addition to a…

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Why a Detox with Bitters is Faster And More Effective

Detox with Bitter Substances

The detox season arrives right after the party season. Many of us choose January as a time to clean-up, replace the champagne glass with a glass of water, and try to eat as healthy as possible. With the recent popularity of detoxing, several companies have developed new products and strategies to help cleanse our livers,…

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Sugar and Health. What to Know About Sugar

Is sugar bad for you

Today, our dependence on sugar leads to obvious outcomes, like obesity. But sugar also contributes to deeper health problems.  In the western world, refined sugar finds its way into almost every meal. Whether added to our coffee or tea, included in our breads, cookies, and cakes, or simply consumed directly, in the form of snacks,…

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Valerian Root for Anxiety and Sleep

Valerian Root Health Benefits

Today, Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) has a solid reputation (particularly, in Germany) for sleep inducing, stress relief. In the Middle Ages, Valerian was regarded as a panacea remedy.  While anxiety had a different name, the common use of Valerian root for anxiety persisted. Perhaps because of its intense smell and flavor, the herb has fallen…

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Quince, A Healthy and Almost Forgotten Fruit

Quince Fruit

Germany loves to celebrate its plants, trees, and fruits.  So, except for the fact that quince fruits are relatively unknown in America, it should come as no big surprise that the quince fruit was celebrated in Germany as the official fruit of 2017. Its pink and white flowers possess a scent reminiscent of citrus and…

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Roasted Chestnut and Potato Soup Recipe

A delicious, light and healthy soup, this gluten-free and vegan alternative will warm you from the inside during the cold winter months. Chestnuts hold a very special place Hildegard’s nutritional teachings. In addition to their many health benefits, chestnuts are also extremely tasty and digestible. In today’s gluten-conscious and celiac-sensitive world, chestnuts have a unique…

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Pink Grapefruit Smoothie Recipe

Pink Grapefruit Smoothie

Bitter flavors are fundamental for health and digestion. This delicious bitter-fruit smoothie is ideal as a snack between meals. It refreshes, revitalizes, rehydrates, and it’s full of nutrients.  Recipe for 3-4 glasses  700 ml freshly pressed grapefruit juice (6-7 Pink Grapefruits)  1 lime, juice  150g soy yogurt (alternatively almond yogurt or coconut yogurt) 1-2 teaspoons…

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Fried Spelt Recipe

fried spelt recipe 2

This fried spelt dish is a simple and hearty recipe that is both healthy and satisfying. An ideal dish that also works as a part of a fasting cure according to Hildegard of Bingen. Those who like it a little more grainy can use the pre-cooked dark grains. As an alternative, the dark grains are…

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Spelt Semolina Apple Casserole Recipe

Spelt Semolina Recipe

This spelt semolina apple casserole smacks of a classic cheesecake. It tastes best when cool as the batter begins to firm-up. The spelt semolina apple casserole is easily digestible and delicious. You can adjust the number of eggs. The consistency of the casserole will be slightly firmer with 3 eggs. Ingredients for a Spelt Apple…

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Spelt Pancake Recipe

Spelt Pancakes

This delicious and simple spelt pancake recipe is quickly prepared and a delicious alternative to wheat pancakes. The use of spelt flour adds a slightly nutty taste to the pancakes. As an alternative to coconut milk, soy milk or cereal milk (e.g. oat milk) can be used. Ingredients (Serves: 8-10 Spelt Pancakes): 200 gr (2 cup)…

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Gentian Root Health Benefits and Uses

Health Benefits of Gentian Roots

Gentian root, is considered the king of the bitter herbs with many health benefits. In tests, it was found that the bitter taste from Gentian can still be perceived even when diluted down to 1 part in 12,000 The yellow gentian root used for medicinal purposes. The gentian flower grows to a height of up…

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Buckwheat Benefits Nutrition

Health Benefits of Buckwheat 1

  Buckwheat used to be known as a peasant’s meal. It met the basic requirement of filling the stomach, while being easy to grow and full of valuable nutrients. Buckwheat arrived in Europe as a cereal plant by way of introduction from the Mongolians in the 14th century. Today, it shows-up around the world as…

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